Increase On-Time Delivery and Throughput

Reduce Production Lead Times, WIP and Firefighting

Predict Workflow and Manage Bottlenecks Proactively

Perform What-If Analysis for Better Decisions

Perform Proactive Capacity Planning

Optimal Solutions for Production Scheduling

Our scientific software, Schedlyzer is the fastest and most versatile production scheduling tool for a majority of job shops. Its real strength lies in what-if analysis of resource-constrained job shop schedules.

Benefits of Our Solutions

On-Time Delivery Improvement
Increased Throughput
Higher Resource Utilization
Reduced Queuing Time
Reduced Inventory
Efficient Bottleneck Management
Extensive What-if Analysis

High-variety, order-driven, discrete manufacturing units are normally known as job shops. They include make-to-order (MTO) units, engineer-to-order (ETO) units, high-mix, low-volume (HMLV) production units. They regularly face many difficult issues as listed on page, Job Shop Issues. Production scheduling is one of the major difficulties for job shops.

It is truly a challenge for many job shops to efficiently manage their high-variety, order-driven, production using limited resources, as mentioned on the page Scientific Management of High-Variety, Complex Production in Job Shops., System simplification is usually suggested to eliminate the complexity of such production but this is not always simple, easy or economical in practice, particularly for small job shops. Powerful production scheduling software is helpful to job shops in the absence of system simplification.


In job shops engaged in high-variety, order-driven manufacturing, our scheduling software, Schedlyzer is very appropriate for:

  1. Generating meaningful, high quality production schedules instantaneously whenever needed (without resource overloading)
  2. Doing fast and extensive what-if analysis of schedules and proactive capacity planning
  3. Identifying and managing bottlenecks efficiently
  4. Fixing rational lead times and right start times for new orders for low WIP and high on-time delivery
  5. Handling rush orders and unexpected changes in order priorities
  6. Incorporating vendor operations and uncertainty in the schedule appropriately
  7. Planning raw material procurement for inventory control
  8. Having intelligent decision support for efficient production management.


In the absence of sufficient system simplification, scheduling software based rigorous, scientific logic can greatly help job shops in managing their high-variety, order-driven production. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]Schedlyzer is one of such scientific tools. It is based on a very versatile scheduling paradigm to cover a wide variety of job shops. It is the outcome of several years of research on scheduling by Optisol founder who did PhD in scheduling, served as faculty of Operations Research at prestigious academia, worked on several research projects on scheduling and optimization funded by DoD and NASA and has been working with a variety of job shops for many years.[/read]

Powerful, Low-Cost Production Scheduling Software for Small and Mid-Sized Job Shops

Schedlyzer is not only one of the most powerful tools for job shop scheduling but also highly cost effective because it costs only a fraction of the price of other powerful job shop scheduling software. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]Schedlyzer is even claimed to be more powerful than those tools for many complex job shops. High-variety, order-driven production in many complex job shops can be optimally scheduled even by Schedlyzer Lite, a lighter version, which currently costs only $2,000. This unbelievable low price of our scheduling software should not cast any doubt on the true practical value for complex job shop production. One can have a glimpse of Schedlyzer Lite functionality from a brief YouTube video.[/read] 

Optimal Scheduling – The Core Function of Schedlyzer

Being small in size and revenue, most job shops cannot afford a lot of excess capacity for simpler and easier management of their production. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]Therefore, they employ very limited resources which comprise of multi-functional machines and multi-skilled workers with the same or different available times (weekly shifts). Most job shops simultaneously process multiple, diverse orders for meeting respective due dates using such finite capacity resources. This task naturally demands optimal production scheduling which is found to be difficult in many job shops. Schedlyzer’s core function is optimal scheduling in such cases.[/read] 


In job shops, some operations may simultaneously require two or more resources, some operations may be done in parallel for a job, [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”]machines may be able to perform a variety of functions and workers may have different skill sets. Many scheduling tools are not strong enough to efficiently handle such situations. Schedlyzer has unique capabilities for this purpose.[/read] 

Capability to Accommodate Uncontrollable Natural Variation in Schedule

There is a lot of criticism that schedules generated by software tools ignore the uncontrollable natural variation in the system. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] But, Schedlyzer incorporates such variation into schedule so that projected job completion times and schedules of constraint resources are very dependable. As illustrated in the second diagram on the web page, Lean Production. Schedlyzer generates a Lean schedule with minimal WIP and lead times while accommodating the effect of such variation in the schedule.[/read]

Multi-Purpose Job Shop Scheduling Software

The purpose of Schedlyzer is not limited to the creation of a high quality schedule. [read more=”Read More” less=”Read Less”] It provides managers with intelligent decision support for efficiently mangaging complex, high-variety, order-driven production. It also helps sales people in quoting rational lead times for new orders based on the existing situation in production. Many small and mid-sized job shops are currently happy with the power and practical utility of Schedlyzer. Free, 60-day, trial copies of Schedlyzer are available to job shops after a web session without any hidden cost.[/read]

Data Requirements and Proper Usage of Schedlyzer

Schedlyzer needs fresh job status information for generating or revising a schedule. Nowadays, some ERP systems (and shop management software) maintain up-to-date job status information with the help of shop floor data collection systems. This data can be easily copied from ERP systems to Schedlyzer through proper integration. Data can also be transferred from an ERP system or shop management software to Schedlyzer through Excel or Access files, if necessary. If Schedlyzer is to be used as a standalone tool without continuous support from any ERP system, shop management software or shop floor data collection system for fresh job status information, then the user must manually update job status information at the time of schedule generation / revision.

We would never recommend an application of our software if it demands a lot of time for updating job status information everyday. Normally, Schedlyzer is to be used for revising a production schedule once or twice a day or at the time of shift change. The frequency of schedule revision must depend on the amount of uncertainty (uncontrollable variation) in the system and the effort and time needed to collect fresh job status information. When the production system is under the influence of a moderate level of uncertainty, we suggest to our clients a convenient way of implementing the schedule without looking for frequent schedule revision or real-time help from computer. A detailed, operations-level production schedule generated by computer periodically must be implemented on shop floor in terms of dispatch lists (sequence of operations) for resources.

Schedlyzer can also be used for prompt help in real-time operations scheduling (finding and assigning required resources for operations in real time) if fresh job status information is made available to it in real time.

Functionality and Benefits of Schedlyzer

  • Creation of a reliable and meaningful production schedule almost instantaneously without resource overloading
  • Prediction of workflow, bottleneck occurrences and job completion times
  • Fast and extensive what-if analysis of workflow
  • Proactive capacity planning
  • Significant improvements in on-time delivery, customer satisfaction, throughput, WIP, production lead times and overall resource utilization
  • Reduction of raw material inventory with the help of dependable production schedules
  • Enhanced capability to handle rush orders and unexpected changes in order priorities
  • Intelligent decision support for efficient management of high-variety, order-driven production
  • Real-time support for what-if analysis in production meetings
  • Better communication across organization regarding the progress and expected delivery times of orders

The functionality and benefits result from Schedlyzer’s ability to optimally schedule production subject to relevant constraints and finite capacities of resources.

Intended Users of Schedlyzer

  • Production planner / scheduler who has to develop detailed schedules for resources on a regular basis
  • Production manager who has to deal with changes in order priorities, do what-if analysis and make major decisions on production planning and capacity planning for efficient management
  • Sales people who have an option to negotiate lead times for new orders

FREE 60-Day Trial Copy of Schedlyzer

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